New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Cooperative Purchasing Publication Notice

Welcome New Jersey public agencies! Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 52:34-6.2(b)(3), you can purchase under cooperatively bid contracts. In order to satisfy NJ Department of Community Affairs requirements, we have provided a simple method to generate a public notice that you can publish that will cover each U.S. Communities contract.

1.     Please fill in required agency information.
2.     Select the contract you wish to utilize.
3.     Click the “Generate” button. The complete text of the public notice will be generated below.
4.     Copy and paste the formatted text to your letterhead and use it for your notices.

You can always choose additional or different contracts or generate new versions at any time by clicking “Generate” again.

* Agency Full Name:  
* Agency Contracting Agent Title (i.e.
   Director of Procurement):
* Agency Contract Name (i.e. goods and    services being purchased):  
* Earliest Use Date: calendar  
* Public Comment Period Close Date: calendar  
* Contract You Wish To Utilize:


(* Required)