U.S. Communities


Who uses U.S. Communities

U.S. Communities has over participating agencies

U.S. Communities has over participating agencies, from both the public and nonprofit sectors.

Generally, the following agencies are eligible to use the U.S. Communities Program:

  • Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages
  • Special Districts (e.g., Fire, Sewer, Water, etc.)
  • Public Schools including: K-12, Community Colleges, Universities, Technical and Vocational
  • State Agencies
  • Other Local Governments
  • Nonprofit Corporations (including Private K-12, Private Colleges and Universities)

To see a list of agencies registered to use U.S. Communities, select a state, then agency type and click ‘Display Report’

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If your agency is not yet a participant of the U.S. Communities Program, please Register to Participate and begin purchasing under any of the U.S. Communities competitively solicited contracts.

If you need assistance, please email info@uscommunities.org or Contact Us.